Shisha at the Seashore!

Yesterday, February 12, was the celebration of Qatar Sports Day; wherein popular places became grounds for a whole lot of sports activities and all things related. It also meant FREE DAY for me as I’m looking forward to being lazy all day… or so I thought. Needless to say it didn’t went as planned for I was busy acting the domesticated wife which I wasn’t since I’m not married. Anyway, fast-forwarding hours later, a workmate of mine invited me out for a day of i-don’t-know-what activities. So despite being tired from all the household work or maybe because of that, I said “Ok! I’ll be out here at 3:30pm.”

After meeting my workmate and some new friends, our schedule of activities begun. First stop was at KATARA (a cultural village in the country) where we essentially acted like tourists and took a whole lot of pictures as we go.


Panoramic view of KATARA’s Amphitheatre

Second stop was at Souq Waqif, which is if you’re a tourist or not, is a great place to look for souvenirs, garments and other great stuffs to bring home. Anyway, this is actually where the whole gist of my story really starts.


Well, my friends want shisha and I wanted it too for the simple reason that I haven’t tried it before. So we went to Souq Waqif which is a place where shisha is often served. Unfortunately, when we finally found the place to have one, we were told that no place in the area will serve shisha that day since it’s environmental day . But since we want shisha so bad, our Indian friend suggested a rather expensive place to have one.


Al Mourjan Restaurant

I am not going to indicate how much we spent here but I think it was a very nice place — great ambiance and view. And despite the cold sea air, we were brave enough to chose to sit outside and not miss the spectacular view of Doha and the sea.

So alas! After finalizing our orders. Our mint-flavored shisha has arrived!


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