Apple Itouch 5th Gen in Pink!

I say this all the time, “I am not an Apple fan, but if there is ever an Apple gadget I will buy, it would be the iPod.” And so I did!

Two days ago, that was a Wednesday, my Itouch finally arrived after weeks of waiting. I chose the color Pink, which was a hard decision considering that the blue and apple green colors were so cute as well because it was closer to my favorite color which is purple and because my workmate already has her Itouch in apple green, so I am left with colors blue and pink to choose from.


Below are the Itouch accessories found inside the casing: the USB cable or what I like calling the charger, the cool earpods, and the cute pink strap.


My Itouch with the cute pink strap on.
My iTouch with the cute pink strap on.
Everything all at once
Everything all at once

As for the specs, you can just look it up online. LOL!

Anyway, I really love my iTouch right now, and I can’t stop checking it the whole time. I’m already neglecting my Samsung tablet because of it, and if it’s not for this blog, I might also be ignoring my laptop. And yes I know I can use my iTouch in creating posts for my blog, but I still prefer tapping on my laptop’s keyboard. It’s more fun for me. ^_^

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