My life has become dull. My mind is in chaos. My heart is in shreds.

My love life is a complicated rubik’s cube and it has left me in distress.

Oh how totally uninspired I’ve become…


I’ve been neglecting my blog lately. Actually, I’ve neglected a lot of things lately and I’m totally out of inspiration. I guess it happens when your heart is in emotional turmoil.

I’m not going to tell my story as it would only leave me in tears. The Niagara Falls is nothing compared with the turbulence of my emotional so-called “feelings”.

For the past weeks I wanted nothing but to forget the unfortunate happenings in my life. I’ve downloaded a number of movies online, yet I’ve not watched even a single one. I’ve downloaded games in my itouch to pass the time, but got tired of it in an instant. I’ve thought of ironing my work uniform in the evenings so as not to worry about it in the morning, but I find myself too lazy to start. I thought of concentrating in my blog and have started a number of drafts, and yet I left them all unfinished for my mind is just blank.

How totally uninspired I’ve become…

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