Shopping Solo in a Sea of Sale!

I am no huge shopper, and unlike Becky Bloomwood, I have no confessions to being a shopaholic; however, I do love to shop when an opportunity like “SALE” arises. I’m not precisely a cheapskate, but I do love a great bargain, and last Friday when I went to Landmark Mall, I was able to find a piece of clothing I wanted to buy for a very very good price! 🙂

Due to the coming Ramadan, a lot of shops from different Malls in the country started hanging SALE signs. It’s been two weeks since it started, and my cousin, who is working at Landmark Mall, won’t stop going on and on about how cheap the prices have become and how long the queue was at Victoria’s Secret shop. Really! It can be quite insane in malls during a time like this. So during my day off, I finally decided to visit Landmark Mall to check out and see if I can find a denim jacket I could pair up with my Forever21 dress.

FOREVER21 Cutout Batik Dress Errr... just don't mind me in the middle. I look horrible in dressing rooms. :p
FOREVER21 Cutout Batik Dress
Errr… just don’t mind me in the middle. I look horrible in dressing rooms. :p

I bought the dress a week earlier (I think) in a different mall, and I was thinking of layering it up with a denim jacket which I don’t have. Why a denim jacket and not a cute cardigan or a vest? 3 reasons: One, I could still use the jacket during winter here in Qatar. Two, I no longer have a denim jacket. Three, I think it’s a timeless clothing item and that everybody should have one in their closet. 🙂

So off I go to Landmark Mall all by my lonesome to check out all my favorite shops (even the ones that weren’t on Sale).  Oh, the things I wanted to buy is overwhelming I don’t think the content of my wallet can handle it. LOL! Needless to say, I ended up buying a few things that weren’t exactly planned, but thankfully, I was able to buy a denim jacket I wanted first before anything else.

Denim Blue Jacket by Jennyfer
Denim Blue Jacket by Jennyfer

I found this denim jacket in a shop named Jennyfer. I have bought some clothes there before and when I found out they were on Sale… well you know what happened.  It’s a simple acid wash denim jacket that ends just right at my waist. So I bought this item for only 59QR (Qatar riyals) or 16USD. Its original price costs 215QR (59USD). Quite a great bargain right? 🙂

Having already bought the main item I want for a low price, I felt motivated to buy a few more…

Black mini sweat shorts (Jennyfer), Slate Blue Brassiere (Yamamay)
Black mini sweat shorts (Jennyfer), Slate Blue Brassiere (Yamamay), Peppermint Cooling Foot Rescue Treatment (Body Shop)

I added a pair of mini sweat shorts from Jennyfer which only cost me 29QR or 8USD (Original price is 49QR or 13.5USD).  A slate blue-colored brassiere from Yamamay that costs me 31QR and that was less than half of the original price. Also,  I added a Peppermint Cooling Lotion (not on sale) in my shopping bag as a treat for my tired and aching foot.

All in all, I only spent approximately169QR for all these items, which if it weren’t for the sale, would basically cost me almost 500QR. So happy! 🙂

On a side note, I went to Stradivarius, which is one of my good-places-to-shop-for-jeans here in Qatar, and like always, it didn’t disappoint. I was able to find this cute pair of ripped jeans in a lighter shade of turquoise. I tried them on for size, and it fits just right. I won’t even need to have it repaired to fit my short legs.


Unfortunately, a bit of my happiness dwindled for the pair is not on sale. Though I could still use my credit card to buy it, I preferred not to. Will just have to wait for payday before I can get my hands on this pair. Hopefully, they are still available. *fingers-crossed*

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