Friday Aero

Staying slim and fit is hard. It’s a raging battle between the mind and that delicious piece of red velvet cheesecake or that tasty and cheesy lasagna. It’s practically torture. Like so, it is better for me to find ways to maintain the weight than letting myself bloat to unimaginable proportion. 🙂

Every Friday, at roughly around 5:30 in the morning, my colleagues and I would be at Doha Corniche — a waterfront walkway running the length of Doha Bay in the city of Doha — where a small gathering occurs. And this little gathering happens to be a crowd of people who practically are just like us — people who like to keep fit. In short, it’s aerobics for everyone on open air. 🙂

… And I just had my first experience last August 30 (Friday) near Ory the Oryx at Corniche.

Just look at that early morning sun!
Just look at that early morning sun!
...and that wide open space for the gathering crowd...
…and that wide open space for the gathering crowd…
“aero crowd.”

Aerobics time usually takes an hour and a couple of minutes if extended. Though somehow, I feel it’s a bit more like Zumba, because of certain dance elements incorporated in the exercise. Anyway, it’s a perfect opportunity to sweat out and at the same time have fun, since I personally know that going to the gym is a very dull way to lose weight. :p

In any case, anyone interested is free to join. It’s basically open for everybody, and it’s a great way to meet new people. If you’re in Doha, you can come at 5:30 in the morning every Friday. The current venue will be at the wide space area near Sheraton Hotel. It’s not as wide as the one near Ory the Oryx, but due to the road repairs happening near Corniche plus the difficulty in acquiring parking areas, the people in charge opted to move the location.

So who’s going this Friday? 🙂

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