This year made me emotionally-drained. I am exhausted with all that was going on and what’s not going on around me. I feel like I’m one of those zombies in the movie Warm Bodies, who wanders mindlessly around an airport. I’m like “R”, who even with his own thoughts, still feels quite jaded. A numb and trying to go with the flow zombie.

This sudden epiphany is like a bucket of ice cold water on my person. How could I have lost my zest for life? How could that happen?

I need to get away! I need to get back that zeal I know I have and which, God knows when, has left me.

I want this dull day and  this monotonous week to end.  Heck! I want the year to end already! This year sucks and it sucked the life out of me!

I want a new beginning. A fresh start.

I want to go home…

On a related note, I’m sharing this song, which is an old favorite of mine, by Hole.

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