December Non-Fiction Writing Challenge

Because tomorrow is the start of the last month of the year, I wanted to do something I haven’t done before, which is a 30-day writing challenge. Yes I know, I’m sooooooo behind with this, but I haven’t done it so as the cliche goes, “better late then never”.

Anyway, so this is how it goes…

For every day of December, I will write something related to the topic for each day on that day. I made a little tweaking with a few used words since I got this challenge from tumblr. Anyway, they are as follows:

Day 1: Write Ten Facts About Yourself. (You cannot do simple facts such as “I like cheese” and “Red is my favorite color.” They must be long and you must explain each fact.)

Day 2: Your Dream Profession. (Go into detail and explain your answer.)

Day 3: Who Are You Closest To? (Explain.)

Day 4: Write About One Of Your Biggest Secrets.

Day 5: What Are Your Obsessions? (Explain why.)

Day 6: What Is Your Favorite Quote. (Explain.)

Day 7: What Type Of Music Do You Favor? (Write about the bands/singers you listen to.)

Day 8: How Did You Discover WordPress?

Day 9: What Is One Thing You Use Every Day?

Day 10: Free Day. (Write about anything you choose.)

Day 11: What Is Your School Status? (Are you a nerd, jock, prep, bully, etc. If you don’t have school, or are home-schooled, talk about what you would want your status to be.)

Day 12: Who Are Your Best Friends? (Why?)

Day 13: Write About Something That Happened To You This Week.

Day 14: Explain What Your Favorite Holiday Is, And Why.

Day 15: Write About Your First Kiss.

Day 16: What Is Your Biggest Fear? (Explain.)

Day 17: Write About Someone/Something You Miss.

Day 18: Write About Your Favorite Book, Movie, Song, Food, Color, Animal. (Explain each answer.)

Day 19: Who Is Your Idol? (Explain why.)

Day 20: What Are Your Hobbies? Why Do You Like Them?

Day 21: Write About Your Most Embarrassing Moments.

Day 22: What Is Your Style?

Day 23: Write About One Of Your Guilty Pleasures.

Day 24: Write About Your Day.

Day 25: If You Could Meet/Have One Fictional Character to Fall In Love With You, Who Would It Be? (Explain.)

Day 26: Explain Why You Chose Your Username(s).

Day 27: Write A Letter To All Of Your Followers On WordPress.

Day 28: Write About Your Favorite Memory. (Explain why it’s your favorite.)

Day 29: Write About Something/Someone You Can’t Live Without. (Explain.)

Day 30: It’s The Last Day Of The Year. Write About Your Favorite And Least Favorite Memory Of This Year. (Explain why.)

Day 31: Free Day. (Write about anything you choose.)

Ok, so those are the topics, which I’m looking forward to do and finish. Hopefully I won’t get lazy. 😀

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