DAY 1: 10 Facts About Myself

Good Morning December! 🙂

Today is the first day of my writing challenge, and we start with my least favorite subject — the “facts about myself” subject. I don’t normally write or talk about myself, but for the sake of this challenge, here goes…


  1. My name is Kimberley and that is spelled with an “E” in between letters “L” and “Y”. I’m pretty much annoyed when my name is spelled incorrectly, which happens most of the time. I specifically hate it when it is misspelled in important documents. It’s like people thinks my name can only be spelled one way — which is “Kimberly” without the “E”. Don’t people read?
  2. I’m an over thinker. I over think and that’s what I do. I over analyze simple things and minor issues and turn them into a complex major drama. I hate myself  when I over think, but I can’t seem to help it. It’s taxing really! It won’t shock me if one of these days I die of stress of my own doing.
  3. I have a fondness for sweets. I say yes for any sweet food offered to me (chocolates, cupcakes, cakes, cookies, pies — any dessert you can think of). Some of the baby fat I’m gaining is probably caused by them. 😀
  4. I love reading. I’ll read any book, blog, article, magazine, etc that holds my attention. Heck! I’d even read that torn, crumpled piece of paper as long as there’s something written on it.
  5. I love it when it rains. No, I don’t like rain-causing-floods or any rain-causing-environment-destruction (hello yolanda?), but I love the soft drizzle…the light rainfall that makes me calm my nerves and clear my mind.
  6. I have a thing for japanese and korean mainstream music. Well that’s Jpop and Kpop for everyone! Not everyone understands this fascination I have for Jpop and Kpop, but I started appreciating their music when I was younger and I guess you’d say it stuck on me. I was in grade school when I was introduced to Jpop while Kpop was introduced to me by a friend in 2009. Cpop is also good by the way. 😀
  7. The Cherry Blossom or Sakura is my favorite flower/tree. I’ve been in love with cherry blossoms as a kid and until now I still do. I even dream of going to Japan in spring just to have a glimpse of the cherry blossom with my own eyes. The Sakura Tree is just one of the few things I find too beautiful to be real, and to be able to see it someday would be amazing.
  8. When I was young, I got teased a lot for having the skin of a true Filipina. LOL! Filipinos had this infuriating obsession with having whiter skin and I find it amusing, when I think about it now, how much I let it affect my social life and my self-confidence. It’s a good thing I got over that and learned to appreciate the skin God gave me. Now, if only these stretch marks could disappear, life would be peachy.
  9. I have a collection of YuYu Hakusho (Ghost Fighter) playing cards, manga etc. when I was in grade school. Yes I’m an otaku in my younger years and Yuyu Hakusho (Ghost Fighter) is one of my favorite anime next to Rurouni Kenshin (Samurai X). You’re wondering where my collection is now? Well my mom threw them all away when I went to college. I went home one day and found my drawer empty. Pffft!
  10. I get hungry when bored and idle. Do I need to explain this one? I’m bored already…

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