DAY 3: Who are you closest to?

I’m not really sure what to answer to this question. Are we talking of who I’m closest to in my family? Or with my different group of friends? I find it pretty vague considering I’m close to a number of people, it’s just a matter of who I’m with or where I am at the moment.

Oh well, given that I’m here in Qatar, the person I’m closest to would have to be my cousin Mhel. Though we have our fair share of misunderstandings, we get along pretty well. We are both of the same age and almost but not quite have similar interests — mostly in the type of movies we like to watch, the type of shoes we wear etc. Also, we’re both introverts, so we both understand when one of us needs her own space.

Me and Mhel, taken right after Mass.
Me and Mhel, taken right after Mass.

I think of all my cousins, she’s the one who knows me well, and vice-versa. I guess it could be because she lived with my family for 3 years, and with those years we were able to bond like sisters. And I do feel like she’s my sister most of the time, especially now that we are both working and living here in Qatar.

Oh! Before I forget, she is also one of the few people who understands my Jpop/Kpop obsession. 😀

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