DAY 4: Biggest Secret

I have secrets, but nothing I consider BIG or earth-shattering. Just your typical, everyday little secrets. However, if there is one secret I know that I would regard as BIG, it is this… I know someone’s big secret. O_O


Yes, that’s about it, my biggest secret is that I know someone else’s big secret and that person doesn’t know that I know her big secret. And even if she has an idea that I know, I don’t think she knows that I know the WHOLE UGLY TRUTH.

Well, I don’t wish to elaborate more on her secret, nor do I wish to share how I’ve learned about it or who my sources were… It’s not a secret I can easily say or put into writing. It’s just not something you can casually reveal without hurting a lot of people in the process. It’s her secret to tell. And sometimes I wish I didn’t know.

When Thomas Gray wrote the line “Ignorance is Bliss…” in one of his poems, he knew what he was talking about.

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