DAY 5: Obsessions

I am of guilty of obsessing with a lot of things. I can get really passionate with certain stuffs and happenings that interests me and because of this, it is no surprise when I get pretty obsessive. Of course, my over-fascination on some things may change or may fade as time flies, but there are some obsessions that stay…

  • Jpop and Kpop: I would probably not get enough of Jpop and Kpop. It’s part of my childhood and no matter how old I get I would always appreciate the songs and the music even if I don’t understand 60% of the time the lyrics. Thank God for the internet and good people who upload music videos with English subtitles!

My favorite groups (in no particular order)

Crazy Kanjani8
Super Junior is ❤
Baddest 2NE1!
  • Books!: I just love everything and anything related to books. The smell of books, old and new, intoxicates me. A library is my home and a bookstore is my sanctuary.  I swear I’d have my own library in my future house someday. Just you wait! 🙂
An old picture of me with a few of my babies. :D
An old picture of me with a few of my babies. 😀

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