DAY 7: Type of Music I Favor

To say that I only like a particular music genre is a lie. Though I’m not musically inclined or anything, I grew up listening to music a lot. As a young kid, I’m the only one amongst my siblings, who collects cassette tapes and CDs of my favorite artists. I’m the one who has her own walkman, discman, ipod and music radio. When I’m saving my money, it is because I wanted to buy the latest tape or CD of this band or that singer. Music is everything to me as a young girl and the type of music I favor sometimes depend on the disposition I’m in.

But for the sake of answering this question (LOL!), I’m more into Alternative, R&B and POP! 😀

Since I’m a 90’s kid, my favorite alternative bands, R&B and Pop singers sprung from that era.

Great alternative bands!

I have no particular favorite R&B group and singer, but I love these:D

Who didn’t enjoy our Pop Princess’ music?

My girls 😀

Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without my all-time favorite boy band. 😀

Wow… I felt nostalgic watching these music videos again.

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