DAY 9: What’s the One Thing You Use Everyday?

I’m writing two posts today since I skipped. This should have been posted yesterday but the real world needed me, so I was busy.

Things I use everyday? Can’t this challenge be more specific? Good thing I have more common sense not to answer underwear ’cause I don’t think that is what it is asking for.

Well if there’s anything I use everyday, and which I consider essential, it would have to be my lip balm (lip gloss). I can’t go out or go anywhere without it. I don’t like having dry or chapped lips so I use it everyday. When I put on lipstick, even if it’s one with moisturizer that allows it to glide smoothly on my lips, I would still put on lip balm first before the lipstick.

There’s two types of lip gloss I normally use, one I use mainly for chapped lips and one with a bit of color so that even if I don’t have any lipstick with me, the gloss itself will be the one to add that tinge of color to my lips.

I’m currently using lemon drop flavored lip balm by EOS and cranberry & raspberry (vitamin shake) flavored lip gloss with SPF 10 by Labello.

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