DAY 12: Best Friends


We call ourselves Tolitolz — A moniker created by my bestfriend Ana by adding “Toli” to “Tolz”, which is an endearment we use to call one other.


And there are seven (7) of us  — Ana, Kim Dy, Cath, Jelai, Pie, Lai and Me (kim). 

Of course, we never really started as 7. Before, there was just me and my best friend Ana, whom I’ve been best friends with since forever 2nd Grade. When we stepped into high school, that’s when we’re able to meet new friends, which we both introduced to one another. Until one day, we turn into a group of seven beautiful people. 😀

I guess the best thing I love with my best friends is that no matter how long we’ve not seen each other, due to work and family, when we do see each other, it doesn’t feel like we’ve been apart for so long. You see, despite our own busy lives, we try to make it a practice to meet at least once or twice a year. And once we’re together, it’s madness in a very fun way. Expect to hear endless stories, hearty laughter and deep secrets from everyone.

Oh how I can’t wait to go home next year. I miss them already. 😦