DAY 13: Something That Happened this Week

Last December 7, we held our first ever Christmas Party. We did the event in our place, where the living room area is big enough to accommodate more than 20 people. The living room walls and table were decorated with balloons to brighten the place. We had a video camera and a projector facing one wall giving everyone a view of themselves on the screen. Naturally, we also had someone to set-up our videoke for the late night singing, because a Pinoy party is never complete without karaoke. 😀

There are drinks galore and a big table full of mouthwatering foods, which everyone contributed just for the party. Of course, to enliven up the party, we had sets of games made for everyone to participate in and enjoy. There are familiar games like the Newspaper Dance and Trip to Jerusalem, and also some made up ones like “Eat my Peanut” and Maltesers Relay. All winners received gift prices!

Of course, a Christmas Party is never complete without the exchanging of gifts. So before we ended the party, one by one we stood up at the center to give little speeches about who we are going to give our gifts to. And we took pictures! Lots of them!

Unfortunately, the chief photographer of the evening has not uploaded any of the pictures yet. So forgive the lack of photographic evidence in this post. Aaarrrggghh!!!!