DAY 14: Your Favorite Holiday and Why?

Christmas! *cue music* Because it’s the most wonderful time of the year. Hahaha! But seriously, it is! Let me tell you why…

When I was about 4, an age when I started believing in the existence of one jolly, good, old fellow named Santa Clause way before some very horrible person ruined my childhood, I remember my mom telling me that if I’m  a good girl, Santa will grant me anything I ask of him. That, of course, made me try my hardest to be as good as any kid can. I would then write Santa a letter listing all the things I wanted to receive on Christmas Day — all because I knew I’ve been a very good girl.

This letter, I will place inside my big, red and currently empty christmas stocking days before Christmas. This sock will then magically fill-up with chocolates and other treats when I wake up in the morning of the 25th. Of course as a kid, this always baffles and amazes me until some very horrible person ruined my childhood.

Mine was actually similar to the santa christmas sock in this picture.
Mine was actually similar to the santa christmas sock in this picture.

By the way, I always hang my Christmas stocking near our very green Christmas Tree — with sparkly christmas lights.

And always my most favorite thing during Christmas? The GIFTS under the tree!!!

images (1)

How everything is just so sparkly and colorful and bright and perfect during Christmas day, I cannot fathom. All I know is that my heart is always in jubilee during this time of the year.




So fellas, let me end this post with an Advance…