DAY 18: My Favorite Book, Movie, Song, Food, Color and Animal (PART1)

I am going to make this into a two-part post. Because this is going to be looooonnnggg! Ha! So here goes…

  • Favorite BOOK

This one is tricky. I have tons! But here’s to share a few of my favorites… the books that changed my views in life, books that have become a part of my childhood, and books that had left me in awe. In a nutshell, books that had left an impression and left me wanting to read more.

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  • Favorite MOVIE

In my life, movies are like books — I have many favorites. 😀

Some of my all-time my favorites are: Star Wars Trilogy (Episodes IV, V and VI), Kill Bill (vol. I and II), LOTR movies, Harry Potter movies, The Notebook, Titanic (yes, I’ve watched this about a bazillion times), DOA: Dead or Alive (girl power!),  etc. There’s also the new ones like the Hunger Games and some of the Marvel movies.

Did I mention I love watching Asian films as well? No? Well, some of my most-loved are Rurouni Kenshin (I love watching Japanese movies, especially with samurai protagonists), Azumi (see! another samurai film), Liar Game, Ajeossi (aka Man from Nowhere) and Antique Bakery, etc.

With animated films, The Land Before Time (old one and I cried buckets as a child), Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, Rise of the Guardians, Up, and How to Train Your Dragon are in my favorite movie list as well.

Hmmm… I think it’s pretty obvious I love watching movies. 😀

  • Favorite SONG

Well, this post is not getting any easier. I’m not enjoying this anymore. Seriously! Hahaha!

Most of my favorite SONGS (plural) came from 90’s alternative bands like Third-Eye Blind, Matchbox Twenty, Hole, Gin Blossoms, No Doubt, Cranberries, etc. Also, I’m a girl who grew up with boy band posters on my wall, and I’m practically in love with Backstreet Boys’ songs — Quit Playin’ Games with My Heart, and All I Have to Give just to name a few. And let’s not forget my favorite N’Sync’s songs — “Drive Myself Crazy” and “It’s Tearin’ up my Heart.”

Ok, I’m done with this post now. I think I’m starting to get a headache just trying to recall all my favorites. Part 2 will be up in a while… I guess…