DAY 19: My Idol

Late post. Been busy having sleepovers I didn’t have the time to continue this writing  challenge. Everyday posting is most definitely a challenge.

Moving on…

An idol can be many things or many persons. According to the dictionary, an idol is either an image, a material object or a person that is worshiped or regarded with blind adoration. If I’m going to base my answer on that definition then I don’t have an answer. Even God, whom I believed in, is not someone I consider an idol.

However, if I’m going to define an idol as a person I admire or regard with respect, then my answer would be my mom.


I know this answer is not very original but it’s the truth, and many people admire their moms for a reason. Growing up, I’ve never shown much appreciation for the many things my mom did for us. But living far away from her, I’ve learned of the many sacrifices she does for us everyday — both as a mother and as a wife — and I admire her greatly for the strength, patience and kindness she has shown us over the years.

One day, when I’m finally married and have children, I want to be as awesome as my mommy. 🙂