DAY 22: My Style

My personal style has changed in so many ways over the years. However, if I have a prerequisite in choosing what I wear, that is comfort.

Growing up, my style has always been on the casual side. I’m no trendsetter in my younger years and the basic jeans, t-shirt and sneakers is perfectly fine for me. Any kind of dress or feminine clothing is rarely found in my closet, unless a special occasion requires it. When I stepped into college, that’s when my style started to change — I still have that casual look on me, but with added urban flair. I guess being a member of the university dance troupe has influenced my style back then. Of course, it didn’t help that we’re not wearing uniforms at school, so that gave me opportunities to buy new clothes and experiment a little.

Fast forwarding many years to now, my style as far as I know has become a mix of everything. I still sport the looks I’ve had growing up, but I’ve become more in love with layering clothes, wearing loose tops and pairing them up with leggings or ripped skinny jeans — I’m digging ripped jeans right now! When it comes to shoes, I try to have as many different styles as possible so I can mix and match them with any outfit I’m wearing. Surprisingly, I don’t have sneakers in my closet anymore, something I’ve always worn during my college years. Oh! And I love wearing accessories now, in particular are those long chain necklaces that gives needed flair to a plain tee or a simple outfit.

In regards to following trends, I’m not the type to emulate everything. I know my body obviously and unfortunately not everything works with it. And being fashionable is not just about following the latest trends, it’s about making clothes work for you. A person can be fashionable wearing a sack of potatoes as long as he/she can work it. Plus, one’s own personal style says a lot about the person, and if you don’t look good in what you wear then there’s a problem… at least that’s what I believed in. So basically when it comes to trends, I only wear those that works for me. If it’s not good on me then I have no problem wearing something not “IN” because timeless pieces are always found in my closet. 😀

On an interesting note, I took a clothing style quiz and here’s what the result showed.

I am:

20.6% Eclectic

17.6% Bohemian

13.7% Classic

12.7% Urban

11.8% Dramatic

7.8% Sporty

5.9% Trendy

See! I got the lowest percentage on Trendy. Told you I don’t always follow current trends. Hahaha!