DAY 23: Guilty Pleasures

What is a guilty pleasure?

A guilty pleasure is one of two things: Something pleasurable but induces feelings of guilt (minor ones at least). And something you do for pleasure but won’t like others to know about (or at least not all people).

Well, when it comes to guilty pleasures I have both (by definition), and they are…

Chocolate! — Or any sweet pastry or dessert there is on the planet. It’s the curse of the sweet tooth for me. But seriously, who could really resist such delectables?

I’m drooling. I’m in sweet heaven right now. 🙂

JPOP and KPOP! They are like my jam. When I’m sad, I don’t listen to sad music cause that would be redundant or sentimental songs, I listen to Kpop or Jpop. And I would play it in high volume while I’m cleaning the house or cooking. It calms me. Seriously! It makes me forget everything I want to forget for a while. It’s music therapy. Really! 😀