DAY 24: What Happened Today

Due to the Christmas Season, it’s another late post, one I should have posted on the 24th of December. Oh well, it’s Christmas Eve! 😀

The day started with the usual. I woke up at 8 o’clock in the morning, took a shower, and prepared for work (yes, we still have work during this festive occasion). The morning was slow. There was only one patient with an appointment and mostly we’re just waiting for walk-ins, which didn’t happen. We then had our lunch break at 1 o’clock, and this is where the day started rolling.

As usual, we had our lunch at the mall, except we went to City Center Mall instead of Villagio. There’s just two of us (Ate Erl and I) at that time, because Janel needed to go home to bake some cupcakes for the evening. So at the mall, since we weren’t hungry yet thanks to my being sweet boyfriend bringing food we opted to start our gift shopping. We still have a lot of Christmas shopping to do and it left us exhausted at the end of our break. We have 4 hours break by the way, but we only used more or less 3 hours to give us enough travel time to go back to work before 5 o’clock PM.

Our second shift started, time was faster and we had walk-in patients. We took the courage to ask our general dentist for an early dismissal from work in preparation for Christmas Eve. Fortunately, our request was granted and we went home an hour and a half earlier.

When I finally got home, I was blinded with all the RED — everyone in our villa was wearing red and I was demanded to wear the same color or I’ll be fined. Ha! Anyway, there are lots of food and drinks on the table. There were also games made for the kids and adults, and prices given to all winners. Of course, like I said before, no pinoy party is complete without karaoke. 😀

And finally! We ended the day with my favorite part. Gift-giving! 😀