Stars Night Concert

Before anything else… Belated Kung Hei Fat Choi Everyone! I really miss the Philippines right now. I’m not Chinese, and even if we’re told that we have a bit of chinese blood from my mother’s side, still that would only be equivalent to a quarter of a teaspoon now in my generation. Ha! Anyway, I miss eating “tikoy” (a Chinese rice cake). If I’m in the Philipines right now, I probably would be enjoying some of it in the comforts of our living room. And being that I have a very generous Chinese friend also meant my tikoy will be free! Hahaha!

Back to the subject at hand, last January 31st, I celebrated the Chinese New Year with friends well not precisely celebrated, but it did fall on the day of the new year. We went to watch a concert, “Stars Night Concert in Qatar,” which was held at the West End Park Amphitheater. The show stars two of the best-known artists in the Philippines, Aiza Seguerra and Gloc 9, who are both exceptional in their own music style. This was the first concert I’ve watched here in Qatar, and I enjoyed it despite the cold weather.

Concert Ticket
Concert Ticket

Let me inform you that the West End Park Amphitheater is a large open-air amphitheater with 14,500 seating capacity. The concert proper which supposed to start at 7:30pm started a little late, probably due to organizers wanting to have all audience settled on their seats before the start of the show. Anyway, it was a night of rap and acoustics.


Before the main acts, we were entertained by a few dance numbers, an intermission act by the primary host of the evening – Ava Jugueta, and a solo number by 16-yr old Haina Uddin, who won gold at a singing contest in Hollywood, USA last 2012.

Ava Jugueta - Host of the Evening
Ava Jugueta – Host of the Evening

Gloc 9 was the first to go on stage after the special numbers, and he sang his first song of the evening, Bagsakan. Other songs he sang were Upuan, Sumayaw, Sirena, Magda, etc. He then finished off by singing an old favorite song of mine by him, Simpleng Tao.

Gloc 9
Gloc 9

Aiza came next, and she opened her performance with the song “Magasin” by Eraserheads. She also sang acoustic versions of Runaway” by The Corrs, Bilanggo, Ipagpatawad mo, etc. She also sang some of her originals (Para lang Sayo) and ended with her major hit single “Pagdating ng Panahon.”

Aiza Seguerra
Aiza Seguerra

The concert ended with a duet from Gloc 9 and Aiza Seguerra, closing remarks from the host and lots of picture-taking.

Of course, I wouldn’t end this post without this picture. After all, watching is made twice more fun with company…


credits to the owner of (some) above pictures.

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