100 Happy Days Challenge

Life is like that “flappy bird” game (yes, i just dared compared life to that annoying game. ha!). Lots of ups and downs (mostly downs when I’m playing. haha!). And even when you thought you’re being careful enough, you get smacked right on your face and you fall face flat on the floor. That’s the reality of life… how is it possible to be happy everyday without curve balls being thrown at you when you least expect it?

So can you be happy for 100 days in a row? That is the question posed by this challenge. A simple question but a very tricky one that can be answered with either a YES or a NO, but then can you?


I got curious by this challenge shared by a friend on Facebook, and I think you would so too. If you have time, just click above image to check on their site.

They said only 71% were able to finish this challenge, pretty challenging right? So which percent would you want to belong?


I have accepted the challenge. My starting date would be on the 11th of February. Preferred platform? Instagram! This could be fun! 😀

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