Touchdown Philippines!

Such an exhilarating feeling when you’re inside an aircraft hovering over trees and plains, in the land and country you were born with. And when you’ve been away from home for almost three years, the sight from above is nothing short of beautiful. That is the feeling I got the day I get to say “Hello Philippines!!!”

My departure flight from Doha came about in the evening on the 24th of June, and my expected arrival in the Philippines was to be on the morning of June 25. I didn’t do much during the flight but read an e-book copy of Clockwork Prince in my iPad to pass the time. I didn’t get much sleep either, the thrill of finally seeing home pumping through my veins, and all I ever did during the flight was eat, read, and take a few pictures.

View from my window
View from my window

I guess we were somewhere above or near Vietnam if my reading of the navigation map from the airplane was correct when I decided to open my window shade and was greeted by the delightful sight of morning clouds. And as the sun, however blinding, appeared from behind those clouds? Well, the image was just breathtaking.



I can’t remember the exact time when we finally got to land. It seemed unimportant after I saw the faces of my mommy and brother waiting for me outside as they greeted me “Welcome Home!”. I just felt so light after that. I never realized how so thankful I was to be home again. 




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