Thirty, Flirty & Thriving

“I wanna be thirty. Thirty, flirty and thriving”, the line that young Jenna Rink (played by Christa B. Allen) kept on repeating as “magic dust” cascade over her in the 2004 movie ’13 Going on 30′. I was 19 then.

Two weeks ago I celebrated my 30th birthday – the “big 3-0” as my best friend put it – eleven years since I’ve watched that movie. Unlike Jenna, I did not have the same exciting view of what being 30 is all about. I never really equated it with being flirty and fun. In my defense, from what I’ve seen growing up, the majority of women I know who are in their 30’s are either married (both happily and not), pregnant, tired from work (if employed), and not exactly having the time of their lives. Yes, it is not exactly a promising age number as what the movie was trying to convey, but then things change… I became 30.

The good thing about finally being 30 is I get to finally realize that Jenna wasn’t entirely wrong. Thirty CAN be flirty and fun! And depending on the person, it can be a whole lot more. It’s a pretty impressive feeling to have such an epiphany. To realize that you are very much in control of your life and not giving too much crap to “crap” is very liberating. Age does become just a number that you won’t really think much of anymore. You can choose whether you want to be flirty and fun.

Anyways, as for my birthday celebration, I had to celebrate at least three times.

The day of my birthday, my boyfriend and I wore our couple tees (yes, I wanted to be all cute and corny with my baby boo) and went to eat for the first time at Wagamama at Ezdan Mall here in Qatar.

It’s a modern Japanese restaurant where we ate our fill of spicy shrimp, duck gyoza, tonkatsu and coconut cheesecake.

also treated my workmates to a dinner buffet at Millenium Hotel. It was on a Thursday night right after work. I forced everyone to wear their best dress, heels, hair, and makeup for the occasion. It was our first night out together. We took lots of pictures and ended the night with a cup of hot chocolate and mocha at Starbucks before finally going home.

My third treat, so far, did not happen yet… still in the works as my dad is being the busy bee that he always is. However, he did give me a blueberry cheesecake (the cake) and blackberry classic (the phone) for my birthday. Teehee!

Looking more 13 than 30. LoL!


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