I love lipsticks. Of all makeup products, lipsticks are hands down my favorite. It’s one of those things I wouldn’t mind splurging on, especially if there is a particular color or brand I’m currently obsessing on. From mattes to cremes, to shimmers and liquid types, it doesn’t matter, for I will add them all to my collection once they struck my fancy.

I was curious when I first heard of Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kit Collection. There were many good reviews as opposed to negative ones about her lip kits from vloggers I follow on youtube. The swatches I have seen practically made my eyes dance out of their sockets. The colors are so pretty, and I was, for the most part, drawn to the colors Candy K (though I’m not sure if it would look good on me), Dolce K, Posie K, and Mary Jo K.

For months, I found myself visiting her website about a gazillion times and noticing that all her lip kits are always sold out –  these kits just go poof like crazy! Anyway, I was delighted when Kylie finally started producing MORE kits that would last for days and not disappear overnight.

And so, I finally got to order Kylie’s lip kits – and I’ve gotten three of them!


I was still undecided with Candy K no matter how much I like it … unsure of how it would go with my skin tone, so instead I ordered Kristen. Kristen was newly released at that time, and it is a pretty warm brown berry shade which I didn’t have yet. Of course, I also ordered two of my original favorites, Posie K and Mary Jo K.

Yes. I was trying to be cute with the heart swatches. :D
Yes. I was trying to be cute with the heart swatches. 😀

And here are my thoughts (both pros and cons) after personally trying them on.

  • I was not disappointed with the colors. I really love them.
  • They are not patchy and are transfer proof. Mary Jo K and Kristen can smudge if you rub at it, but only if you press hard. It’s harder to do that with Posie K.
  • They are long-wearing as claimed until, of course, you start eating oily foods. Still, they do stay on your lips for a long time. Also, they last longer if you use it together with the lip liner instead of just using just one of them.
  • They are very light on the lips which I like so much. I don’t want sticky ones or those that leaves a thick sensation on the lips, so this is a thumbs up.
  • The lip liner glides so well on the lips. They’re very creamy. I think the downside is that you can finish it up quickly, plus it’s not retractable, so you need a sharpener for it.
  • Among the 3 shades, Mary Jo K dries the fastest after applying.
  • The lip kits can be drying if your lips are not properly moisturized. Lip lines get more prominent so better to moisturize before use. Though Kristen felt more drying on my lips as compared with Posie K and Mary Jo K.
  • I sadly didn’t like the smell. I don’t mind scented lipsticks but this is something I would describe as sickly sweet, and I sometimes feel nauseated when I put them on. I’m trying to get used to it though since I really like them.
  • You don’t need to put on too much since it’s very pigmented. One tube would probably last a year (or two? :D) depending on how much you use it.
  • Posie K is my #1 so far. 😀


And those are my thoughts on the 3 Kylie Lip Kit shades I have. I’m supposed to give two of the lip kits to my sisters who are in the Philippines. But I wonder when I can give it to them. I’ll probably just reorder again and have it sent directly to our home address. That would probably be better. I’ll just use these kits all to myself then. LoL! 😀

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