Kdrama Thoughts: W-Two Worlds

W-Two Worlds has finally wrapped its final episode last September 14, 2016, after almost 2 months of airing on MBC. W-Two Worlds, in general, was well-received, especially by international fans. It was said to be one of the most watched Korean dramas of 2016.


For those who have not watched this fusion of fantasy and reality kdrama, the story follows a Cardiothoracic surgeon Oh Yeon Joo (Han Hyo Joo) whose father is the famous manhwa creator of the popular webtoon “W.” One day, her father went missing. As she hurries to his workspace, a mysterious hand from the monitor, where his father creates his masterpiece, pulled her in. She was then taken to a different dimension where his father’s main character in his webtoon, Kang Chul, comes to life.


I was really impressed with this kdrama. It was a unique, refreshing and exciting concept and I was totally hooked. I really applaud Korean writers for their incredible creativity and their passion for producing such a story. When Oh Yeon Joo travels between worlds, the transitions between the webtoon world and the real world was just flawless. The cinematography was excellent!

Unfortunately, by the time we get to episode 9, after Kang Chul lost all his memories of Oh Yeon Joo, the story went downhill for me. It was still interesting though, and I still watch it when a subbed version is uploaded online, but the lure of the story was not the same. I tend to skip on some parts I find dragging or sometimes I’ll be watching it while simultaneously browsing Facebook on my phone. It just wasn’t the same anymore. I really miss the interactions between flirty Kang Chul and the charmingly silly Oh Yeon Joo. The story has become more of a suspense kdrama, and we are left with a lot of Oh Yeon Joo’s tears and a very bloody Kang Chul.

It’s distressing to see a story starting off so strong then ending on just an okay note. Yes, the ending was just okay. It could be deemed perfect for the characters… them getting their happily ever after, however; it was a disappointing ending for an impressive opening.


But then again, it is still one of the most watched Kdrama this year and still worth the watch. The drama was well casted with great actors. Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joo had such great chemistry and delivered their part seamlessly. Kim Eui-sung, who played Oh Sung-moo aka Oh Yeon Joo’s father was fantastic in his creepiness. Even the sidekicks and those with lesser roles stood out for me as well. Thus, a still highly recommended kdrama for everyone. ❤





One thought on “Kdrama Thoughts: W-Two Worlds

  1. When the drama fin, I missed it a lot, but thinking back on it, it really was such a flawed drama – chemistry aside, the plotline was all over the place. Kdramas dont do fantasy really well, though I think if main couple were in a standalone drama which was just realistic, it would work SO WELL bc hello? They created f.i.r.e

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