FEB Day 2 : A person whom I admire

I’ve answered a very similar question when I took the December writing challenge a few years back – which you will find HERE. When I think about it, I know my answer hasn’t change. I still believe that my mother is my most admired person. However, for the sake of spicing it up a little, I’ll give a different answer… someone not related to me, but has sparked my admiration recently.

A few days ago, the Miss Universe Pageant was held in the Philippines, wherein the lovely Miss Iris Mittenaere of France was crowned as the winner. I wasn’t able to watch the whole video of the event so I can’t put my two cents about Miss France or the other candidates. In any case, I think that’s for another discussion.

So with regards to the Miss Universe pageant, two previous beauty queens who once had a history with our country, were back to be a part of the panel of judges – Miss Universe 1993, Dayanara Torres and Miss Universe 1994, Sushmita Sen. And boy don’t they still look so stunning!

Anyway, I won’t get into too much detail, but recently I’ve watched an interview of Miss Sushmita Sen at one of our country’s local network and which I’m sharing down below.

After watching the interview, I remembered the time when she won Miss Universe in 1994. My mom and I were watching it, and during the swimwear portion, my mom told me that she likes Miss India the best and thinks she will win. Amazingly, she Miss India did won that day and became the first Indian to win the crown.

All I know after watching this interview is that I became inspired by her. She was so poised and articulate and regal as a queen. I love how she answers each question and her views in life. I think that made me admire her as a person.

…we’re all unique and we are somehow always told by everyone else, this is the right age to get married. This is the right age to have children. This is the right age to retire. I just wanted to take life at my own clock because I believe everybody’s unique. – Sushmita Sen

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