FEB Day 4 : The Best Compliment that I have received.

I usually get thrown off when I’m being complimented. Like I’m not entirely sure how to respond in kind. Should compliment back and say something equally nice or would a simple thank you suffice? I’m not sure. Usually I’d just be all shy about it. Worst scenario would be that very awkward pause that happens all the time when I’m caught off guard. Must be why I try to cover it up by changing the topic of discussion after saying my thank yous. If I appear to be rude, I swear it wasn’t intentional. I just am not always comfortable with getting praised. Deserved or not.

Anyway, the best compliments I’ve ever received are those that I get at work. Getting praised for a job well done feels gratifying especially when I know I’m just doing my job.


I remember this one patient I had in the medical ward a few years back, I can’t remember what her diagnosis was, but it wasn’t an easy case and she needs to be monitored every hour for her lab works, her IVs (she has 3), her I and O (input & output), vital signs, blood sugar… everything you can think of. She was a candidate for ICU.

Anyway, I was the nurse in charge at that time, it was a grave yard shift, and I had at least 20 patients in my care. It wasn’t an easy night; we were busy where usually we’re not since it was a night shift and patients are usually asleep at this time and were only woken up when medications are dispensed.

To cut the story short, I’ve been one of this patient’s nurse for 3 days and the day after my day-off, I was now in my morning shift, my fellow nurses from the night before informed me that the patient is now going to be transferred to another hospital. Paper works were already done and they were just waiting for the ambulance to take her. Before she left that day, while I was still assisting with her needs and having light conversation. She told me this…

Rough translation: “…Of all the nurses here, you’re the only one who really looked after me. So thank you. If I could bring you to the hospital I’m going to, I would…” 


And yes, that broke the dam for me… I was equally thankful.




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