FEB Day 7 : How do I take care of myself when stressed?

As an introvert, you could guess that how I take care of myself when stressed involves a whole lot of “ME” time.


Getting away from people or taking a break from things that stresses me out is essentially the first thing I do. I just need that moment for me to recharge because believe it or not, I do rather feel more relaxed when alone than in a crowd. Of course, I also do a whole lot of the following when stressed:

Eat : The gif says it all! I am very guilty of eating my feelings. I just have this urge to eat and funnily, I get cravings too. Ha! It guess this is what you’d call emotional eating – eating to fill emotional needs.

Forget about getting fat!

Read : Reading is a form of escape for me. It keeps my mind from focusing about what stresses me out and transports me to a place more untroubled than mine. Since I love to read, this is a totally perfect way for me to de-stress.

Yasss!!! This is life!

Sleep : A very effective and healthy way to forget your troubles and relax. It provides a great number of health benefits and you wake up with a positively better outlook and a more relax stance than before you slept.

How cute is Stitch?

And those are just a few of my usual routines that never fail to bring me back on track. Of course, a good, long and relaxing vacation is a surefire way to release all my pent-up stress and frustrations. However, as an expat working abroad, vacations aren’t always easy to take so above ways are definitely reliable for me and, I believe, for most people as well. 😀

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