FEB Day 8 : Five things to do less often.

Five things to do less often? This seems to be an easy question until I realized it isn’t. I can only think of two things I know I should do less often. Not that I don’t have a lot of flaws, quite the opposite actually, but right now there are only two things at the top of my head that I know I really should do less, and these are:

First, I am an incessant over thinker. A very unhealthy habit,  if I do say so myself, causing me stress and sleepless nights. Never mind that my head might be on the verge of exploding ’cause once the thinking starts, I just cant seem to stop. There’s a bloody battle going on inside my head and I don’t even know who’s winning.


Second, caring about what other people would say isn’t always such a bad thing, until it starts to affect you from being who you are and enjoying your life. I’m afraid I was very guilty of this in my younger years and is something I’ve been continuously working on until now. There definitely has been changes with my views about “caring too much” especially after hitting my late 20’s, but time and again I still get those moments when I just care too much that I’m being emotionally affected by it. I guess it’s a long process but I do am trying my best to get that balance between how much should I and should I not care for about.


Now that I think about it, overthinking and caring too much kinda seems to go hand in hand. I’m doomed! 😱😱😱

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