FEB Day 9 : Five things to do more often

In  no particular order:

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I love to read and I’m sure I’ve mentioned that so many times here in my blog. However, I have not read a single book for months now. I have bought books that are currently just stacked in my closet. Books I have not finished reading and some which are still waiting to be read. I miss reading a good book and I know I just need to give some time for it.

Talk to family

Not that I don’t talk to them, but because I’m oceans away, I am only able to have a chat with them via facebook from time to time. Anyway, I just feel I should talk to them more if that makes sense.

Be patient

Patience is not my greatest virtue. I am guilty of that. I especially hated waiting… any form of waiting is hard for me unless I am doing something to take my mind off of waiting. If, for example, I’m going to meet a person at a mall and that person happens to be late, that person should be sure that there’s a freakin’ bookstore inside that mall so I’ll have a place to pass the time or else I’d be really annoyed. So yes, I need to be a more patient person or at least learn how to be one.

Find new experiences to try

Life is short and having new experiences and taking chances is beautiful. Joining the Color Run last month was a new experience and I really had fun. This year I’m hoping to find new things to try out whether it would be a new place to eat or a new hobby to do. I think that would make life more interesting and fun! 😀


I haven’t done a lot of travelling which I feel sad about because I’ve always dreamed of travelling. It was one my life goals when I was a kid. If I’m going to choose just one thing in this list I want to do more, this would be number one. I just want to see the world and we only have one life here on earth unless you believe in reincarnation and I think we should take this chance to see it all.

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