FEB Day 17 : What do I want to learn?

A lot of things really, but mostly I want to learn a new language. I guess right off the bat that’s what I first thought of among the long list of things I want to learn. There’s a certain fulfillment I get when I learn a new language or at least when I’m able to understand foreign words when I hear them. Just being able to pronounce languages correctly makes me proud of myself already. 😀

I remember, because I aim of going to Japan someday, how I tried to self-learn Nihongo and even bought a Japanese two-way dictionary containing different phrases for specific situations that you can use to properly communicate with the locals. And because I was watching a lot of jdoramas and anime at that time, it helped me in learning how to pronounce words as correctly as I can without much difficulty.

Now that I’m an expat here in Qatar, I did thought of learning at least basic Arabic. I admit it was very hard for me, since my heart was not fully into it, but knowing that I live here and my profession puts me in front of locals and the arab speaking community on a daily basis, I know that I should try harder to learn.

Anyway, I’m ending this post with this video.

6 thoughts on “FEB Day 17 : What do I want to learn?

  1. Hey! Learning languages is a great thing to want to do, but also a hard thing – with great power comes great responsibility right? I’m actually learning Korean right now, but I’ve been wanting to learn Arabic, which really is a hard language for non natives, particularly bc its not as easily accessible as other languages and also the grammar totally puts you off!

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    1. Wow! You’re learning Korean? Good for you! I also do want to learn Korean so I wouldn’t have to wait for subs online for kdramas I love. But anyway, I welcome any new language I can learn. 😀

      Also, you said you’ve been wanting to learn arabic which kind of confused me a little since your name is Noor which has actually a beautiful meaning in arabic. I know I’m jumping to assumptions because of the name you wrote… sorry about that. 😀

      Thank you for liking my posts! ❤

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      1. Haha, I’m a Muslim so I have an arab name (it means light) but ethnically, I’m Indian and I’ve grown up in the UK so arabic is not a language I speak (but would looove to learn ofc)

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        1. i find it hard to learn arabic without proper guidance. They have specific ways of saying certain words and sounds that your like getting from your throat or something. lol! I’m just very poor with it, but I still try. 😀

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