Purplemunchkim’s Reply to Luckilylenny

Dear Lenny,

Thank you for the lovely letter you’ve sent me last time. I promised to post a response in kind, and now here it is! Yay! 🙂

I’d like to start this by greeting you a Belated Happy Birthday! It’s so amazing to know that we share the same birth month. Like what you’ve said in your letter, it does seem overrated, but I do wish the same good things for you and may all your prayers, and heart’s desires come true. We may not know each other personally yet and writing this now made me feel like a have somewhat of a “pen pal” and to which I think is incredible.

I would love to meet you and fellow bloggers someday and be a part of those fun events and social gatherings you all have from time to time. Sad to say that it can be difficult as my work schedule isn’t always so accommodating. Maybe in time, I might be able to squeeze a few events on my calendar so we could finally meet and it would be perfect! ❤

Anyway, I am going to bore you with the story of how my birthday went, so I hope you won’t stop reading. ;D

I didn’t have a party as most people do. For this year, I endeavored to have quiet and quality time with my beau. We had a  simple lunch at Applebee’s where I get to have the usual free dessert – because it was my birthday and I want dessert! It was a good thing that there weren’t many diners yet because being sung “happy birthday” to by 3 staffs while shaking their tambourines can feel kind of embarrassing. And yes, it was also fun 😀

After we had our lunch, I wanted to have a stroll in a park and was thinking about whether we should go to MIA Park or Alkhor Park. Of course, Beau suggested Alkhor Park since he knows we can go to MIA Park anytime. So off we go to Alkhor Park, and we had what you would say kind of a road trip with Bruno Mars singing 24K Magic in the background. As always, Beau and I were having a carpool karaoke moment. 😀


So I don’t know if you’ve been here yet, but the place was quite charming. It would’ve been nice to see more people, but due to its location, it would be impractical to go here every time. However, there’s a vast play area for kids, an aviary, a waterfall, a battery-operated train, etc. The place is both a zoo and park at the same time. I think you should visit the area if you haven’t yet. It’s a pretty place for some excellent photography to add to your beautiful collection of pictures. ❤

Well, I have a feeling you’ve already fallen asleep with my letter so I’ll just cut to the chase and say that we ended the day with a movie at a mall (B Square Mall) and cinema (Roxy Cinemas) we haven’t even heard off until that day. Also, I was finally proposed to by my Beau. It wasn’t the most conventional way of proposing, and I was surprised, to say the least, but I said YES! And now I’m an engaged person… whatever that means. Haha!

Anyway, I really am stopping now. I would love to share so much more, but one post would not be able to hold it all.

Belated Happy Birthday to you again! ❤



2 thoughts on “Purplemunchkim’s Reply to Luckilylenny

  1. Wow! So now this is the feeling of reading an open letter addressed to me! ❤ Thank you Kim for this letter, it feels rejuvinating to our souls knowing people having the same passion as you do. I did pretty the same celebration on my birthday, a relaxed and intimate one as I preferred this year. Congratulations on your engagement and best of lucks! 🙂

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