QUINTESSENTIALLY WHIMSICAL (formerly Musings of a Jaded Bookworm) is a personal blog chronicling the adventures, loves, randomness and all things in between of the one whose moniker is the PURPLEMUNCHKIM.



She is awful with self-introductions and would give an awkward stare when asked.

She is stubborn, opinionated and would speak her mind. She has very low tolerance to bullshit and becomes brutally frank at times.

She wants to be cool, but she is not. She wants to be noticed but dislikes the limelight.

She is an introvert and loves her space. She surrounds herself with books to escape. But don’t get her wrong for she has wonderful friends. And for her, they are a treasure that cannot be replaced.

She is a hopeless romantic and an incessant dreamer. She dreams of going places — wanderlust best explains her.

She dreams of a warm bed in winter and cherry blossoms in the spring.

She yearns the laughter of summer and the welcoming change of fall.

She dreams of a wonderful life. She dreams of a life she knows she deserves.

She dreams of being happy.


(click photo for more about me)

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