Food Trippin’: Indian Food

One of the best things in having friends of a different nationality is you get to learn a ton of things. Whether it be their belief, their culture, which places to visit, there’s just so many kinds of stuff to appreciate, and one of my favorites is food.

Three weeks back, me and my new found friend, who happens to be Indian, decided to go on a food trip because she’s been craving for a kebab and there’s this particular kebab restaurant at Souq Waqif suggested to us that we should try.

It took us a while to find the place as we didn’t know the name of the restaurant and had to rely only with the directions instructed to us. Fortunately, we were able to find it without mishaps and got to try the tasty kebab. Sorry, but I also forgot the name of the place…

After having our fill of the kebab, my friend asked if I heard of the Indian Biryani Festival currently ongoing at Al Bida Park during that time. Being someone who follows a lot of influencers in Doha on Instagram, I have known about it for quite some time, so I said yes, and proceeded to ask if she wants us to go there as well and eat some more. Suffice it to say; we did just that.

And here are photos of Indian food that I’ve tried from the Biryani Food Festival for the first time.

As someone with a sweet-tooth, I definitely loved this one and appreciated that there’s a lot in that one serving.
I knew Kulfi is an ice cream the first time I saw it. Definitely creamier compared to normal ice cream. For some reason it tastes like Karak-flavored ice cream and it has pistacchios!
My favorite! I really enjoyed the concept and the way it’s supposed to be eaten. That combination of sweet and citrusy flavor is just delightful! And couple that with the crunch of that crispy puri? This snack is a party in the mouth! Yum!
Isn’t exactly my first time eating a chicken tikka, but as I am not eating it on a regular  basis so I’m including it. Plus, this is just totally delicious! The overall flavors and that spicy kick is Adipoli!