FEB Day 14 : My Ideal Morning Routine

Today isn’t exactly day 14. I missed doing yesterday’s post so to compensate for that I’ll be doing two posts for today – yesterday’s post and today’s post.

My ideal morning routine is straightforwardly simple.

  1. To wake up at least two hours early than what I’m used to. Because I really move slow in the morning, I have to wake up earlier than usual to give myself more time to do everything I want and needed to do.
  2. Drink a glass of water. Ever since I’ve learned of the great benefits of drinking at least one glass of water upon waking up – rehydration, fuels the brain, fires metabolism, flushes out toxins etc, this is something I’ve already started doing every morning.
  3. Exercise or do yoga. I currently don’t do any sort of exercise so this is definitely an ideal morning routine.
  4. Prepare and eat a hefty and healthy breakfast. Again, that I also don’t do much in the morning. My normal routine basically was to wake up, drink water, brush teeth, take a bath and dress in my uniform (and other things that involves getting ready) and go straight to work. Skipping breakfast is already a habit.
  5. Morning shower. Always a must to start the day fresh.
  6. Stretch out on a corner and read a book. To end my ideal morning routine with a little bit of “me time” before doing everything else would be perfect.

And that ends Day 14’s post. ❤


This is why I wasn’t able to blog yesterday. I was busy admiring those flower balls.