Drafts to Finish

It’s been a while since I last posted here, and I feel kind of awful about it since I love seeing new posts in my blog even if I don’t think anyone is reading it. So to compensate for the “no-post” days, I decided to write something or anything right now that happened or I noticed during my hiatus that I would like to share.

So while I was still pondering what to write, I opened my dashboard and got surprised when I saw this!

“my draft list”

Apparently, I have seven drafts I still need to finish. Pretty convenient at a moment when I still have no idea what subject to put into writing. I guess I’ll need to muster my thoughts and wits around me to be able to finish these drafts… that is, after I find the right inspiration for why I started them all in the first place. HA! 🙂

But I’ll get there… 🙂