Movies Coming Soon

Magic, adventure, supernatural, fantasy, action-packed, martial arts, book-inspired, witches, ninjas, samurais, vampires are some of the things that make me want to watch a movie. It’s my kind of movie. It’s my weakness. And even if I do (from time to time) see myself watching romantic comedies and (very few) sappy love stories; still, the pull of an out-of-this world themed movie astounds me.

So I was browsing some movie trailers in Youtube  the other day and I have to say there are a lot of movies to look forward to, a few of which I’ve listed below.

Percy Jackson and The Sea of Monsters

I was actually surprised to see this trailer since it’s been 3 years and I never thought they would continue with the sequels. However, I’m glad they did for this seems to be closer to the book compared to the first movie, where they made too many changes I feel like poking someone’s eye out.

Release Date: August 16, 2013

Kick Ass 2

Oh kickass! I loved Hit Girl since the first movie and still loving her from this trailer. Though I must say, Hit Girl has more charm when she was just an 11-year old girl with horrifyingly foul language.

Release Date: August 16 2013.

Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

This movie I can’t wait to see. I’ve read the books before there were even plans of making it into a movie, so I’m especially curious how this movie would turn out. Though a lot of fans of the books weren’t satisfied with some of the casting choices (Jace Wayland anyone?), still I’m looking forward to how this one would turn out.

Release date: August 21, 2013.

Red 2

I’m not a die-hard action fan but I love it when comedy is integrated in it. I’ve watched the first film in DVD and I’ve watched it only out of boredom. I didn’t realize it was an action-comedy until I’ve watched it and I certainly regret nothing. I love the idea of retired class A agents getting hunted and the bickering between the actors is hilarious. Also, I think Helen Mirren is divine. 🙂

Release Date: July 19, 2013

The Grandmaster

I love watching martial arts films with great storyline and this trailer seems to be just like that. So yeah, that about explains it. 🙂

Release Date: August 2013

Seventh Son

A book-inspired film, I just started reading the Wardstone Chronicles book series last month and the main reason was I really liked what I saw in the trailer. I have to say that compared to the first book, The Spook’s Apprentice, I’m pretty sure the movie would be different. The thought that Ben Barnes would play the role of Thomas Ward (who is only 13 years old in the book) is already a sign and that Mother Malkin (played by the stunning Julianne Moore), it seems, was made into a lamia witch in the movie, which she isn’t in the book. Anyway, I think the trailer was great and I love Julianne Moore being the witch so I’m going to give it the benefit of a doubt and enjoy the books and the movie separately.

Release Date: January 2014

How To Train a Dragon 2

It’s just a teaser trailer and will only be shown next year, but I can’ help it! I need to add it here. Toothless is adorably cute for someone who is supposed to be frightening and Hiccup is all grown up! 🙂

Release Date: June 2014

There are still a lot more I could add like The Wolverine, Old Boy etc. but above movies are at the top of my list right now so there you have it. 🙂